Zinhle on being a career mom: No one says anything about AKA going back to work

DJ Zinhle has shared her views on working mothers after comments people made about her going back to work three weeks after giving birth.

A meticulous planner, Zinhle says she ensured she conceived last September so she could be ready to return to work in late winter, just after the birth of her child. She shared her thoughts about being a career mom and having to navigate motherhood and work at the same time on her blog. Zinhle also addressed the double standard of the pressure women feel while men do not take time off.

“I used to watch my baby’s father with so much envy every time he went to work. Yes, he was expecting a child too and he was happy but he didn’t have to stay at home on maternity leave. After the baby is born, he doesn’t have to be home all the time to make sure that the baby is bathed, fed and the nappy changed. The main responsibility of caring for the baby lies with the mother,” Zinhle posted on her blog.

She added she was not oblivious to comments made about her being up and about already.

“I have heard and read a few comments about how I am back at work too soon after the birth of my baby but I haven’t heard anyone say anything about my baby’s father being back at work so soon after Kairo’s birth. I am a working mom but that doesn’t mean I love my child any less. I do not feel any guilt about going back to work. I will still get time to be with my baby and family,” concluded Zinhle.



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