Why your interest in beauty could be more than just a hobby

Do you know the difference between a chemical spf and a physical, and why it matters for your skin?

If you answered yes, and mentally tallied the times you’ve made product recommendations and suggestions or had a comment about the selection of beauty products you carry around with you on a daily basis, then perhaps it’s time to consider applying all your know-how and skill when it comes to beauty towards scholarly endeavours.

Often, beauty can be overlooked as a frivolous endeavour but as beauty vloggers and make-up professionals are proving, there’s more to the industry than nailing a smoky-eye or knowing the difference between contouring and strobing.

Beauty is a business, and one that allows a hobby (read: passion, potentially verging on obsession) to become a career. Whether you’re debating your future or looking for a career change, a diploma of beauty therapy or salon management might just be what the manicurist ordered.

With some of the most well respected names in the industry amongst their offering, I Want That Course has both the expertise and experience to place you in the course that best suits your skill set and aims to realise your beauty-inspired goals.

Though it’s not all about just about nailing the application of blush, a career in the beauty industry means an opportunity to work in or run a salon or spa. Or even tackle the industry at large – think your name and handy work in print.

If you’re time poor, or just concerned how this course may work in you favour keep in mind that online options are available and that the varied variety of courses and colleges working in partnership with I Want That Course means the world is your oyster.

I Want That Course are offering you the chance to put those skills to use, because beauty can be more than a hobby – it can be a career. The beauty of this course is that there are no upfront tuition fees so you can get started right away.

– Vogue

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