Top 5 Jersey trends this winter

5 Jersey trends that will have you looking snug and fabulous throughout this cold season.

As we say goodbye to summer, we welcome winter jerseys with open arms.

Wearing a buttoned up shirt underneath a warm jersey can transform your look from casual in an instant to a formal office look, it also keeps you warmer than just a simple cotton shirt.

shirt jersey

Wearing a Chunky Polo-neck is never a bad idea. This look requires less effort and can be dressed up with a heel or dressed down with jeans and pair of sneakers.

poloneck jersey

I call this the ‘Dad’s Jersey’, as it looks like a typical jersey my dad would wear. Boots, leggings, a scarf and your “dads” jersey is definitely a winner on any Winters day.

dads jersey

The Over-sized Jersey Dress is perfect for those Winter days when you just want to look like a lady. Paired with a pair of pantyhose, this look is easy to wear and can be worn with boots, heels or flats.

dress jersey

The Throw-over Open Jersey is my perfect lazy outfit disguise. No matter what you’re wearing, with this jersey thrown over it can transform your entire outfit to ‘trendy’.

open jersey


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