Top 10 Fastest Accelerating Cars under R550k in SA

R550 000 might sound like a strange number to define the top 10 fastest accelerating cars, but we think it hits the spot just right. It incorporates just the right amount of bang for buck without diluting it with a whole bunch of mainstream German machinery.

We tried to get the best bang for buck ratio here, and the list proves quite interesting reading with a mix of all-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and front-wheel drive methodologies being employed. There’s also hatchbacks, sedans and coupes represented.

Still the Germans reign supreme at the pull-off competition, claiming seven spots on the top 10.

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Top 10 Fastest Accelerating Cars

1. Audi S3 Quattro

Top 10 fastest accelerating cars under R550k

Whilst there are multiple versions of the S3 (3-door hatch, Sportback and Sedan) this three-door version accelerates to 100kph the fastest – 4.9 seconds. It ties up with the M135i for sprint time but delivers its power through all four wheels instead of the beemer’s rear-wheel drive. R495 000

2. BMW 135i

Top 10 Fastest Accelerating Cars

Technically the same as the M235i except for the reduction of 5kW and being a couple centimetres shorter than the 2-series. The M135i hits 100kph in 4.9 seconds and if you happen to have people that want a go in the back this is the fastest accelerating car on the list with back doors – if you choose the 5-door version obviously. R539 743

3. BMW M235i Manual

Top 10 fastest accelerating cars under R550k

Carrying 5kW more than it’s M135i sibling it’s able to reach 100kph in 5 seconds with a manual transmission. The dual clutch version is faster but creeps outside of our budget cap – just. Whilst we may have to settle for the slightly slower manual, we think it’s better looking than the five-door hatch. R537 579

4. Volkswagen Golf R

Top 10 fastest accelerating cars under R550k

Volkswagen claim the 206kW Golf R will hit 100kph in five seconds dead. Local tests have put it more around the 5.3 seconds range but that would still keep it in fourth spot on the list. Not bad for a four-wheel drive Golf if you ask us. R498 000

5. Volkswagen CC 3.6 V6

Top 10 fastest accelerating cars under R550k

This one caught us a little bit by surprise as it’s one of the lesser-loved cars in the VW range. Nevertheless it’s pretty good value for a V6 and does have 220kW to boot. Add that to the slick shifting DSG gearbox and you can see why it takes just 5.5 seconds to get to 100kph. R524 800

6. Volvo S60 T6 AWD

Top 10 fastest accelerating cars under R550k

The second medium sized sedan on the list, this time with the traditional three-box shape. Three-litres and a turbocharger give the S60 T6 a kick up to 242kW and a sprint to 100kph of 5.7 seconds. The S60 cracks two models inside our price range and under 6 seconds to 100kph with the 2-litre turbo S60 T6 Elite managing a 5.9 second sprint. R547 200

7. Volkswagen Scirocco R

Top 10 fastest accelerating cars under R550k

Still making do with an older version 188kW VW engine the Scirocco has a low centre of gravity with good traction that helps it launch off the line. 5.8 Seconds is all it takes the Scirocco R to get to 100kph. R483 300

8. BMW 328i

Top 10 fastest accelerating cars under R550k

A relative bargain as far as BMWs go. You get all the space of a 4-door BMW sedan with an efficient and powerful 2-litre turbo that’s good for 180kW and 350Nm. Apparently it will sip just 6.1-litres of fuel per 100km whilst galloping to 100kph in 5.9 seconds. Its 428i cousin is nearly R100k more and thus doesn’t make the list. R481 875

8. Lexus IS 350

Top 10 fastest accelerating cars under R550k

The lone Japanese figure in a Euro dominated list. The IS 350 proves the resurgence of Lexus’ promise to deliver more power in its luxurious machines. The Lexus ties the 328i on the 100kph sprint time but uses a 3.5-litre V6 with 228kW and 375Nm to get the job done. R478 200

10. Renault Megane RS

Top 10 fastest accelerating cars under R550k

The French super hatch is mostly about track lap times but is still rampant out of the blocks. It clocks 6-seconds dead to 100kph thanks to it clever front differential and 195kW 2-litre turbocharged engine. It’s also the cheapest car on the list. R359 900

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