What You Need To Know About The Newest Skin-Tightening Treatments

Surgical neck lifts are facing some serious competition from two new radio-frequency devices that are far less invasive. ThermiTight, which both melts fat and tightens skin, delivers double-chin-eliminating radio-wave energy via a 2-mm-thick probe, which is inserted beneath the skin through a tiny incision and then slowly fanned back and

9 Ways to keep your skin looking young

You might not know what it is, but collagen is the key when it comes to keeping your skin youthful and wrinkle-free. Collagen is a protein produced by our cells that helps "hold" the skin together, giving it firmness and elasticity. When we're young, our skin stays plump and smooth because

5 foods that can harm your skin!

You've heard about foods that are good for your skin. But did you know that there are also certain foods that have quite the opposite effect as well? When you feed your body junk food and too much sugar, the consequence can be seen on your skin and not in a