How to avoid putting on weight when you’re in a relationship

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your desire to be healthy. Here are six great techniques you can incorporate into your relationship (new or old!) to stay healthy and avoid the dreaded relationship weight gain. 1. Exercise together Working out is a natural mood and libido booster. What more

Why Giving Up Restaurants—and Learning to Cook for Myself—Was the Best Decision I’ve Made in 2015

Cleanses have an instant allure, promising to expunge years of bad habits with a few days of asceticism. But what happens after the delivery of thrice-daily, portion-controlled meals or juice fasting ends? I’ve long been a skeptic of such unsustainable quick fixes—but following an endless holiday party circuit and a

The Truth About Tampons That No One Talks About

On average a woman will have her period once a month, for about 5 days, for around 40 years of her life!  The Tampon and Pad industry is a $718 Million dollar market, and tampons and pads are necessities. However, most of today’s tampons are toxic as they are made