6 Reasons You Should Switch From iOS to Android

The differences between Android and iOS have been getting awfully slim lately. With each new software release, the two mobile operating systems look more and more alike, with each of them actively borrowing the best features from the other. As a result, though I’ve been an unapologetic iPhone user since the iPhone

Print your own shoes: a step in the right direction?

The co-founder of Australian online retailer Shoes of Prey, which allows customers to design their own footwear, hopes to one day allow customers to print out pairs at home as technology improves and consumer demand grows for personalised products. Founded in 2009, Shoes of Prey allows women to create unique designs

Microsoft and Google call truce in patent wars

Technology titans Microsoft and Google on Wednesday announced that they have agreed to end all patent infringement litigation against each other. Legal battles between the companies included suits over technology for Internet-linked mobile devices, WiFi and digital video. Details of the agreement were not disclosed, but the tech behemoths said it includes