Senzo Meyiwa’s will: BMW X6 and VW Golf 5 GTI go to girlfriend Kelly Khumalo?

According to a media report published this morning by a popular KZN newspaper, Meyiwa family members were allegedly summoned to an undisclosed law firm regarding the reading of the late Senzo’s Will. To everyone’s shock, Kelly Khumalo was also present at the meeting.

“It was uncomfortable being with Bra Sam and Kelly in the same room. It was so bad, you could cut the tension with a knife,” one of Senzo’s aunts reportedly told the Zulu publication.

The publication’s deep throats allege it wasn’t long before Bra Sam and Kelly got on each other’s throats, where brutal insults were passed faster than a bullet that killed their mutual loved one.

Kelly Khumalo was allegedly called “a township slut who broke people’s marriages”, while Bra Samuel Meyiwa was counter-called “an attention seeking old crocodile who is looking for fame instead of mourning his son’s death”.

The article breathlessly described the drama that erupted as the Will was being read. Upon hearing that Senzo Meyiwa’s sleek BMW X6, his VW Golf 5 GTI and his Jozi north townhouse were all going to Kelly Khumalo, Senzo’s dad allegedly told the lawyer to “hou die lorrie”, and started verbally punching Miss Khumalo.

“Over my dead body… If this b*tch thinks she will turn my son’s asserts into lefu la hae la mphidisa, she better think again, dingu Sam mina…

“You call yourself a celebrity but you live in a spaza shop, you are a Quantum,” Bra Sam allegedly yelled at Kelly.

In the township community, anyone living in a garage is labeled a ‘Quantum taxi’ as garages are predominantly for cars, not to house people.

Although a big chunk of Senzo’s money amounting to millions of rands went to his parents and siblings, that didn’t stop the slain goalie’s father from calling Kelly Khumalo a hard core opportunist.

After the meeting was adjourned, the spectacle allegedly resumed at the parking lot, so much so that security had to be called to escort all parties from the firm’s vicinity. The Meyiwas have allegedly threatened to contest the Will

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