President has been accountable to Parliament? What a disgusting, distasteful lie: EFF

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) say that the Presidency was being misleading when it claimed President Jacob Zuma has been accountable to Parliament.

“I have been hearing those kinds of sloganeering out there. Nobody has said I must come to Parliament [and] I refused.”

“I went to Parliament. Members in Parliament stopped me from answering questions. I’m waiting… .I’ve always gone to Parliament.

“Parliaments are very respected institutions and I think as political parties we should take that into account. It is not a place to play around, it is not a place to shout slogans,” Zuma said.

Well, not according to the EFF.

“The Presidency has claimed that the President has been accountable to parliament and this is purely an opportunistic, disgusting and distasteful lie spread by what is supposed to be the highest office in the Land,” The EFF said in a statement.

“According to the Rules of Parliament and as per this schedule, the President was supposed to appear three times for Question sessions in Parliament, and he only came to Parliament once on the 21 of August where the Speaker of Parliament disrupted the proceedings after the President failed to answer the question of when is he going to pay back the money as directed by the remedial actions of the Public Protector,” The EFF said.

The EFF says that in real terms the president only appeared for half a question session, because the speaker, Beleke Mbete, disrupted proceedings when she “called the police to remove EFF Members of Parliament.”

The EFF says it has also called for a sitting of Parliament before 12 February to allow that interrupted question session to the president to continue to its completion.

That said, they also have a few more questions for the president apart from when he is going to pay back the money.

They want to ask him about the following:

  1. The US$10 million (more than R100 million) that was brought to South Africa from Nigeria.
  2. The suspension of Hawks leadership.
  3. The actual purpose of the President’s recurrent visits to Angola.
  4. Whether the water the President said will be delivered in Giyani before the 30 of September 2014 has been delivered.
  5. Where will the many students that c the secondary school level go after Matriculation because there are not enough first year spaces in institutions of Higher Learning?
  6. What exactly does Jacob Zuma mean when he says apartheid is the cause of the electricity crisis when ESKOM has pointed to scientific and technical challenges caused by the current government, including doubling the costs for the construction of the new power stations?
  7. What is government doing to contain the continued theft of South Africa’s potential revenue because a recent report by Global Financial Integrity illustrates that more than US$122 billion (more than R1 trillion) illegally left South African between 2003 and 2012.

“These and many other questions should be responded to as urgent as possible and we need oral responses from the President,” the EFF said.

– Times LIVE

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