Pam’s booty gets her fired

RHYTHM City has given Pam Andrews the chop due to her tendency to post nude pictures of herself on social media networks.

But the sassy actress, who blitzed her Instagram and Facebook accounts with her maponapona pictures for the better part of last year, claimed in a statement this week that she opted not to renew her contract with the soapie because she wanted to do other things.

But her colleagues claim her cyberspace antics and diva tendencies on set were the reason.

Andrews, who played Gail October, declined to discuss the matter in detail and would neither confirm nor deny if she was fired.

“If that’s what the production people are saying about me, it’s fine. I have nothing to say,” she said before hanging up. publicist Boniswa Matshoba said: “Pam Andrews will be leaving Rhythm City at the end of her current contract as Gail’s role comes to an end. This is part of our ongoing story development aimed at refreshing the daily youth drama.


“She is still shooting some scenes until the end of March.

“We thank Pam for being an important part of Rhythm City and for seven terrific years. We enjoyed working with her and wish her all the best.”

Two independent production sources alleged Andrews was given her marching orders by the producers of the soapie and the station because of her social media stunts.

It is understood that she was told by the soapie’s production house, Quizzical Pictures, late last year to prepare for her exit.

A member of the production team, who asked not to be named, said Andrews was no longer following protocol and was taking advantage of her experience at the soapie.

“She was giving everyone attitude and not listening to anyone, even the producers. She had turned the set into her personal space and would throw her toys out of the cot at the slightest provocation.

“The producers got fed up with her attitude and told her they wouldn’t renew her contract. They even told her to prepare herself to shoot exit scenes,” said the producer.

Another insider, privy to Andrews’s departure, said: “They told Pam that her lifestyle was in conflict with her character, but she still continued posting naked pictures on the internet. They were left with no choice but to show her the door,” he said.


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