Malema: I’m ready for more attacks

Johannesburg – EFF leader Julius Malema says he is ready to face more attacks aimed at both him and his party.On Tuesday, he told reporters gathered outside the Polokwane High Court that Judge Billy Mothle’s decision to strike a fraud, corruption, racketeering and money-laundering case against him and two others off the roll was a sign that the judicial system was still fair and independent. But more attacks would come, he said.

“It is going to happen, many of us are going to be accused, [there will] be an attempt on [many of] our lives, many of us are going to be tricked into doing the wrong things,” said Malema.

He went on to say that staying within the confines of the law would “disarm our enemies”.

Malema further lauded the judiciary after the cases were struck from the roll.

“The executive is compromised, it is no more. It is dead. The legislature in the form of Parliament is compromised, it is no more.

“We are only left with the judiciary. The judiciary is the only leg of the State which keeps this country together,” he said, adding that without the judiciary, South Africa would be a banana republic.

Malema said it could not have been easy for Mothle to decide to rule against the State in favour of him.

“Even when they are attacked in the manner they are being attacked, they are still doing their job without fear and favour.”

Malema has received a large amount of support from EFF members, who attended a night vigil in support of their leader on Sunday night.

The hundreds of men, women and some youngsters in red T-shirts sang and danced on Monday in support of their leader, while decisions on whether to pursue the matter or postpone it were still being discussed inside Court D.

One of Malema’s co-accused, Katlego Dichabe, did not arrive on Monday, day one of the trial against the trio, which also includes Lesiba Gwangwa. His lawyer, Radikgokong Nkhahle submitted a medical certificate to the court, which stated that his client suffered from severe depression and would be in hospital for three weeks.

The matter was adjourned to Tuesday, and after a lengthy debate about whether or not to postpone the matter or to consider a separation of trials, Mothle struck the matter off the roll.

‘They have taken my life ten years backward’

Malema smiled when he heard the news. While addressing the media outside the court, a large crowd of supporters chanted “Juju! Juju! Juju!” and sang songs praising their leader.

But the court action has taken a strain on him. His lawyer, Mike Hellens, and his co-accused Gwangwa’s lawyer Lawrence Hodes, told the court the cost implications in terms of the court case had weighed heavy on their clients.

Malema’s personal assets were seized when the NPA began pursuing the case in 2012. He told journalists that the attachment of his properties had had an impact on him and his family as well.

“They have taken my life ten years backward. I would have been far as an individual. My family would be in a much much better position.”

He said the process in which his assets were seized was illegal and fuelled by a political agenda.

“But I’m saying, it comes with the territory. That is the price I said I am prepared to pay when I joined the struggle, and it is not the end.”

Malema’s parting words on Tuesday were a warning to EFF members to make sure they were always within the ambit of the law to ensure that any attacks against them would not succeed.



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