Father’s letter to son: ‘I slept with 283 women’

Mofenyi Malepe’s book 283:The Sex Bet can give E. L. James, author of Fifty Shades of Grey a run for her money

However, the book’s initial purpose is not to titillate as it is a letter to his nine-year-old son.

But it’s so graphic, it can get even a pastor hot under the collar. Malepe, a self-diagnosed sex addict, wrote the book as a warning to his son “not to turn out the way I did, but to respect women and become a better man. I wrote the last chapter with sweat and literal tears”.

He claims to have banged 283 women, if not more.

Years later his past came back to haunt him as one of his many ladies falsely accused him of rape.

Scared shyteless, he wrote this letter on the eve of hearing his fate in court.

Asked why he made this public knowledge and not just handed the letter to his son, he says: “I could have done that easily. But how many of these kids going to varsities and colleges could be in danger of falling into the trap of sexual orders? I think if they could be prepared for the doings of the devil in disguise as they go out there pre-independence there would be minimal sexual diseases and teenage pregnancies, more importantly, sexual discipline and the desired abstinence.”

If you think certain things happen only in porn films, think again. Malepe, a father of three, who now calls himself a “street advocate” has done it all.

He even named his weapon, Hercules.

Malepe mostly dealt in orgies, siblings and swapping partner parties.

He doesn’t mention any names in this true account of events, but you will be shocked to know that among his encounters were high-profile people, including ministers, CEOs, MECs, actors and other celebrities.

“I didn’t name them because first, it was not an exposé but what you could call an integral part of my life. It was not about them but me and the message I wanted to drive home to my boy child. Some were not entirely happy,” he says.

Malepe, a rural boy from Namakgale in Phalaborwa, Limpopo, came to Jozi, like so many others, to study and become successful.

But one absurd night in 2001 completely turned his life around. As a student studying law, Malepe stayed with friends in a small flat in Hillbrow. He tells how a late friend introduced him to the kinky and dark world of sex.

On that fateful night, six girls and eight guys started playing a game of Duck It, while sipping sinful waters. As the game, which is similar to ‘Truth or Dare’, wore on their clothes soon started coming off and before they knew it they were engaging in an orgy.

Rather than be ashamed, these boys made a pact to bed 365 women – one for every day of the year.

What makes this even scarier is that one of the friends had to be a witness. Malepe was the winner and had his son with lady number 283.

“I expect him (son) to read it when he turns 13, a teen is someone we need to be honest with because their adolescent stages are those phases of curiosity and ‘I know better’. I want him to know everything so he could do better than me.”

About his addiction to sex, he says: “Sex addiction is like kicking a smoking habit. It’s something that does not happen overnight. I’m taking it one day at a time. I have better self control. I’m more conscious of my decisions.”

Malepe says he’s determined to be true to his convictions. “I think of all the things I have written in the letter to my son and opt to live by my words, hard as it is… It’s a past I’m ashamed of and knowing that my son will now know who I really am, I have every reason not to go back to that broken man… I am not a saint, every day is a challenge.”

The book, which was launched this month through KOMA Publishers, will have a sequel telling the story of what happened in court.

– CityPress

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