Dumza scores a collab with Black Coffee on Twitter

Musician Dumza Maswana finally plucked up the courage to ask DJ Black Coffee for an opportunity to work on a song with him on Twitter and to his surprise Black Coffee said yes!

Speaking to TshisaLIVE the baritone-voice musician, popularly known for his song Molo, Dumza said he was in disbelief after he had a wish granted to him on Tuesday night by the world renowned DJ.

“I saw how people on my timeline, including Black Coffee himself, were calling things into existence. So, just in that moment I decided to ask him and half of me still can’t believe he said yes. I had been talking endlessly about getting a chance to work with him after I saw an Insta-story where he played my song Molo,” he said.

Dumza had been talking to everyone except Coffee about his wish to work with him, not knowing all he needed to do was ask.

The musician, who also hails from Eastern Cape, said that he had gotten the courage to pursue music that is authentic to his identity due to songs like Wathula Nje by Black Coffee featuring Victor Ntoni.

He told TshisaLIVE that after he saw that people with deep voices like his could also make it, he was inspired to stick to music that showcased his voice.

“I love that every collaboration Black Coffee is part of is so unique, you can tell just by listening that every artist brings out a different best out of Black Coffee. That’s why I believe he’s every artist’s  dream collaboration,” Dumza said.

Dumza has been receiving general acclaim for his music and has had musicians such as Simphiwe Dana and RJ Benjamin sing his praises. He was also nominated at the South African Music Awards for Best African Adult Album.

He is also a four time nominee for the Mzansi Jazz Awards taking place next week at Gold Reef City on the August 11.

– Timeslive

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